PQLabs Touch G7, G8, G9


G7 Flat Touch Screen

Breakthrough in P-Cell Technology

PQ Labs is dedicated to push touch technology to the new frontier. This time, we combine new "near-invisible" bezel technology with pressure sensing, pen and 5 minutes super easy integration together.


  G8 Glass Touch

Turn Any Glass into an Interactive Display

We are proud to bring the Glass Touch technology to the market. G8 Glass Touch turns any shopping window or office glass wall into an interactive display.



 G9 AR Touch

Augmented Reality for Business

G9 AR Touch is a brand new way to interact with PowerPoint and your businss data in the air. Unlike other Augmented Reality solution, G9 AR Touch is designed for business and a group of people, which means everyone in your meeting room will be impressed by your AR presentation, without wearing heavy & hot headset.